GPS Tracking Reports

Layers of Reporting for Your Fleets using GPS

FleetTracker provides many reports to help you gain valuable insight into mobile activity. From Daily Activity to State Mileage reporting, FleetTracker has the reports you need to understand your fleet at any level and spot trends in driver activity. Some of the reports available are:

Fleet Activity Report: The most commonly used, the activity report gives a comprehensive look into the activity of a vehicle or group of vehicles. The report shows when and where the vehicle started moving, for how long, how fast and the distance traveled. In addition, it shows when and where it stopped and for how long. All in one easy to read color coded report. Set up your landmarks and the reports will show not only the address but what that address means to you!

Vehicle Engine Runtime Report: The Engine Runtime Report monitors and calculates the total start and stop times for a selected date range. Perfect for seeing which equipment ran on which job and for how long.

State Mileage Report: This report gives the miles driven per vehicle by state.

Vehicle Speeding Report: The Speeding Report shows the date, time, location and speed of a selected vehicle over a specified time. A filter can be set to show only data over a certain speed.

Vehicle Stops Report: The Stops Report illustrates all stops made within the specified date and time range for the selected vehicle or group of vehicles. A filter can be applied that shows only stops over a specified number of minutes.

Vehicle Inputs Report: This report shows the activity of the inputs (i.e., PTO) for example, the device could be hooked up to monitor auxiliary equipment such as a pump or a compressor. It can also be hooked to any switch allowing for accurate reporting of when cargo bay doors are opened and closed.

Vehicle Time Sheet Report: The time sheet report shows the date, time, and location of when the vehicle selected started and finished within the specified time frame.

Alerts Report: The alerts report shows all Geo-fence, speeding, idle, acceleration, and deceleration alerts received from the device. For example, a speed threshold might be set for 80 MPH, if the vehicle exceeded 80MPH it is logged in this report.

Automated Reports Scheduling

This feature allows automated delivery of any reports to any email account at a set interval (daily, weekly, monthly).  Reports can be sent in PDF, HTML, Word, and Excel formats.  Users no longer need to be logged in to the system to get the critical information they need.