GPS Technology

The Power of GPS Real-Time Fleet Management

Real-Time Location

With FleetTracker, you’ll never again have to worry about where your vehicles are located. Just log in to find current location information, such as street address, direction of travel, and speed.

Smart Map Markers and Info Windows

Tired of seeing a bunch of dots on a map? It can get a little confusing when you have so many vehicles on one screen! We created map markers that clearly identify your mobile assets right on the map and are color coded to help you quickly distinguish vehicle activity.  Just click on the vehicle from the left panel or on the map to get more detailed information.

Intuitive Map Controls

Our easy-to-use interface gives you precise location information. Center the map on any device, pan around the map, zoom in or out, or use the mouse to click and drag the map to view a particular location. The hybrid view overlays the street names on top of detailed satellite images. This allows you to zoom in and see if the building is an apartment complex or a retail store.

Multiple Map Styles and Map Overlays

FleetTracker uses the latest Google map imagery for Road, Satellite and Terrain. Satellite imagery includes new 45 degree imagery (Birds Eye) in some cities for close-up view of your assets. The application features Google Street View in most areas to get a driver perspective of their current location or historical location. FleetTracker also includes a variety of map overlays including real-time Traffic, Landmarks and/or custom KML/KMZ map overlays at the push of a button.

Instant Traffic Information

Want to know if your vehicles are driving on congested highways? Get up-to-date information with our live traffic map overlay.

Simplified History

FleetTracker allows you to go back in time to view routes yesterday, last week or last year . Quickly see all routes traveled for your entire fleet or drill down to a particular vehicle to see that vehicle’s activity for the day.  A mini dashboard shows miles driven, engine hours, idle hours, and activity time range.  Intuitive map markers show exactly when and where events occurred (ie.  speeding, idling, engine on/off).

Route Builder

FleetTracker allows you to select your landmarks as stops and have the system automatically re-organize the order in the most efficient manner. Once you’ve selected your start and end points, FleetTracker displays complete turn-by-turn directions, as well as the distance and duration of each route segment. The application also displays a map showing the route.


Geo-fences allow you to set virtual boundaries around a particular location and be notified via e-mail or text messaging when the mobile asset has entered and/or exited that area. Any size geo-fence can be easily created. You can encompass a city, state or just a house. Geo-fences can be created in 2 ways: a radius (circle) or polygon.

Find the Closest Person to the Job!

With the Search feature, you can enter any address or business name and find out in seconds who the closest driver is to that location. This makes it simple to find places on the map and make quick decisions with your mobile assets.

Messaging Feature

Keep you drivers informed via FleetTracker messaging. The system provides two methods of messaging communication.

  • Text Messaging — Compatibility with a variety of messaging formats permits our software to communicate with the greatest of ease. Send them a quick text message to notify them of new deliveries.
  • Email — If your personnel have more advanced hardware that supports longer messages, send them an email instead.

Event Alerts

A system is not complete unless it provides feedback on an on-going basis. FleetTracker does just that with its event alerts application. You determine the events that will trigger alerts. You can also customize the alert notification, which automatically supplies you with a link so you can view where the violation occurred without having to log into your account. Below are just a few of the possible alerts that are easy to create:

  • Speed Alerts
  • Geo-fences Alert
  • Idle Alerts
  • Rapid Acceleration (available)
  • Rapid Deceleration (available)
  • Arrival at a landmark

Mobile Access to your Entire Fleet

One cannot always be in front of the computer. That’s why FleetTracker’s web-enabled application provides access on many types of mobile devices (Laptop, iPad, iPhone etc). Now web-enabled devices can access real-time position, speed and direction of their fleet on a Google mapright from their mobile device!

Automated Reports Scheduling

This feature allows you to have reports automatically delivered to the their email account in a PDF/Word/Excel format.  You no longer need to be logged into the application to get critical reports about your fleet.

Maintenance Management Simplified

The FleetTracker application keeps track of vehicles’ mileage, idle time, and engine hours. Reports can be automatically emailed showing the status of your mobile assets. Set up alerts to for pre-defined maintenance intervals and be notified via SMS/Email when maintenance is needed. Maintenance History report provides a history of maintenance completed and allows for keeping track of parts and labor cost.

Tracking Number for Temp. Access

FleetTracker allows you to generate a tracking number for any vehicle that you select in your fleet to provide temporary access to only that vehicle’s location. It’s perfect when you need to provide your client with the ability to monitor a vehicle’s progress. The tracking number can be emailed to an internal or external customer. The email will provide the number and a hot link that will immediately pinpoint where that particular vehicle is and what is doing (i.e., stopped, idle, moving etc.).

This is an especially important feature when internal/external customers are waiting on deliveries; it provides a nice window for them to view where their product is without being able to view your entire fleet. Logistically, it’s convenient for the customer and increases their overall satisfaction.