Our Focus: GPS Tracking

ThinAir aims to be the dominant provider of GPS and telematics solutions for the modern wireless gateway.

ThinAir Wireless provides solutions that allow real-time insight into your fixed or mobile assets by giving you the data you need, when you need it, wherever you are.  Companies can lose significant tangible value when equipment is lost, stolen, or goes missing, not to mention lost productivity and revenue.  ThinAir’s innovative fleet management and GPS tracking solutions provide powerful tools to reduce operational costs and improve customer service, safety, and security.

ThinAir’s GPS solutions have many core applications:

  • Fleet Management
  • Vehicle Location and Tracking Services
  • Fixed-Asset Monitoring
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
    Virtually all electronically monitored or controlled subsystems
    can be enhanced with telematics-enabled remote monitoring and control.
  • Safety Monitoring
    Collision notification, airbag/ restraint system deployment, other vehicle
    condition/ status, and eventually passenger status.
  • Information Services
    Traffic conditions, weather alerts, news flashes, etc.
  • Communications
    Multiple configurations of hands-free communication – addressing the dual need to support increasing driver calls, but with greater safety.