Features & Benefits

Why GPS Fleet Tracking?

Here’s what GPS fleet tracking can do for your business

  • Increase Productivity
    Eliminate costly inefficiencies and save your workforce time with fleet tracking. Pick up more jobs in a day and increase your profits.
  • Decrease Labor Costs
    Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by drivers with accurate reporting.
  • Control Fuel Costs
    Reduce your fuel bill with Vehicle Activity reports and fuel card integration. Eliminate unapproved or any extended routes.
  • Improve Customer Service
    Reach customers faster and ensure work is completed with optimal speed.
  • Increase Fleet Safety and Security
    With real-time GPS vehicle tracking, ThinAir gives you peace of mind knowing that your fleet vehicles are always monitored.
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
    Without fleet tracking, inefficient fleet management practices can contribute to the high cost of running a vehicle fleet.
  • Going Green
    Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your green initiatives while saving money on fuel.

ThinAir’s GPS fleet tracking system uses satellite technology to provide real-time locations and record historical vehicle activity. Our highly skilled team of professional technicians will install a vehicle tracking unit into each of your vehicles. There are no exposed wires or antennas, making the equipment virtually tamper proof, and allowing for covert installation. The vehicle tracking units transmit data to the ThinAir servers via GPRS wireless networks. This information can then be accessed 24 hours a day through any internet connection around the world.