Mobile Applications

The ThinAir Wireless development team has deep experience building mobile applications and using this technology to augment our GPS Tracking platform. Mobile applications are an important part of our product platform making it even easier for our users to connect with their assets anytime, anywhere.

Below are a few popular mobile applications created for our consumer division:

POM Alert

The POM Alert System™

POM Alert™ POM (Peace of Mind) Alert is based on our patent-pending alert system which is intended to keep families safe with location-based alerts and real-time notification of these alerts. This application was designed to be easy to use and take full advantage of advanced push notification and GPS capabilities of the iPhone, iPhone Touch and iPad. Millions of real-time alerts have been received by our users.

The POM Alert System™ messaging architecture is also used in FleetTracker, providing instant alerts about location, geo-fence violations and speed alerts, adding proven, real-time messaging not available with other systems.


Offender LocatorThe POM Offender Locator™

Offender Locator™ was designed to allow anyone in the United States to enter a name or address and instantly locate Registered Sex Offenders living in their area. The iPhone version of this application hit #3 on iTunes top paid applications (August 2009) and #1 in the Utilities category (both Offender Locator and Offender Locator Lite).