ThinAir GPS Technology

ThinAir’s technology combines the best of GPS satellite and mobile communication hardware with a world-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for a wide range of location-based services.

ThinAir’s Internet-centric architecture creates an industry-leading business model for providing telematics services to reduce operational costs and improve customer service, safety, and security.

  • Based on open standards and not dependent on one technology
  • All transactions processed in a secure, state-of-the-art data center providing multiple redundancies in data backup, hardware and network uptime
  • Highly scalable cloud-based architecture used for both web interface and middleware.
  • High-performance, highly scalable database with built-in spatial capabilities
  • Flexible architecture allows for integration with many different devices and features
  • Utilizes latest Google mapping/routing/location technologies

The ThinAir Telematics GPS Platform

ThinAir has developed its own proprietary telematics platform and as a result, is in a strong position to be able to control the cost of its products and services and offer innovative solutions for the ever-demanding customer.

  • Asset Monitoring – Recover lost or stolen assets with real-time data.
  • Increase Revenues – Verify utilization and stop fraudulent use and/or billing.
  • Proactive Notification – Notifies you proactively when predefined parameters trigger an alarm condition or assets enter/exit restricted areas.
  • Decrease Downtime and Costs – Track and optimize maintenance schedules.
  • History Review – Review location and data for days, months, even years in the past
  • On Demand Service Request – Service available 24/7 On-Demand
  • Superior Network Coverage – GSM/ CDMA/ Satellite
  • Driver Performance Management – Ensure efficiency of your staff through Dashboard and Reports
  • Dozens of Reports – Flexible reporting for history of vehicles or vehicle groups
  • Premium Quality Mapping  – Utilize the latest in Google map technology
  • Safety Monitoring – Vehicle Engine Monitoring, Collision notification, airbag/ restraint system deployment, vehicle condition/ status
  • Vehicle Diagnostics – Virtually all electronically monitored or controlled subsystems can be enhanced with telematics-enabled remote monitoring and control
  • Communications – Multiple configurations of hands-free communication – addressing the dual need to support increasing driver calls, but with greater safety

Competitive Advantage of ThinAir’s Technology

ThinAir’s telematics services are built from the ground-up to take advantage of the SaaS delivery model and this provides its users with direct monitoring and control over their own assets without the necessity of a human intermediary in most cases. ThinAir believes that its “Internet-centric” business model based on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications provides significant cost and service level advantages over many of its competitors’ business models that are “call center-centric” (e.g. OnStar).

Telematics customers choose service providers on the basis of functionality, price, ease of use, quality and geo­graphic coverage area. We feel that we have a competitive advantage in all of these areas. The cost of our telematics services are approximately 50% less than competitor services because unlike some competitors that only deliver services through complex software installation, our SaaS model automates delivery of new features and provides the best possible user experience. This allows the company to provide its users with direct control over their assets, while minimizing the need for expensive customer service representative intervention.  Any user can access the location of their vehicle and control functions on the vehicle from almost any web-based device (Desktop, Mobile Phone, Tablet).