About Us

ThinAir was formed on November 15, 2004 to market wireless GPS-based personal and asset tracking equipment, applications, and solutions. ThinAir’s management team possess over 80 years of combined experience in telematics, software development, and wireless technology.

Today, we’re excited to offer businesses the ability to use GPS technology to increase productivity, reduce operational costs, improve service standards, and enhance the safety of their employees.

ThinAir Wireless, based in Houston, Texas, is the premier provider of fleet management and GPS tracking solutions for any size business. The company’s solutions offer real-time insight into mobile and fixed assets to reduce operational costs and improve customer service, safety, and security. ThinAir’s innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform combined with best-of-breed hardware provide a powerful and reliable solution for any mobile workforce. The company’s intuitive Web-based and mobile applications empower users to quickly adopt and realize rapid ROI. ThinAir’s flexible architecture allows tracking of vehicles, trailers and containers under one unified interface with easy integration of external systems and sensors for added value and insight. GPS Fleet Management Service:

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Tracking
  • GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Tracking Assets